Can I stack my washing machine with my dryer?

Stacking kits… Do I need one? How do they work? What laundry appliances can I stack? And perhaps the most common question of them all, what actually is a stacking kit?

If you find yourself asking these questions, plumbers (episkeues plunthria) answer your questions and give you a bit of background information on the whole stacking kit business, starting with the most basic of the basics

Can I stack my washing machine with my dryer?

No, you can just stack a dryer on top. Cleaning devices are too heavy, specifically when packed with water as well as damp garments. They also vibrate extra during procedure as their spin speeds are greater, enhancing the threat of crashes if stacked.

How do you pile your washing machine as well as dryer?

Examine as well as measure your space to make sure the piled dimensions will fit. Remember that you’ll need to integrate the elevation of the washing machine, piling package as well as dryer for complete stacked height.Be certain to leave a few centimetres either side of the devices for air flow, and a few centimetres at the back for pipes, piping, and so on.

Make sure the devices can be stacked with each other.

You’ll need to guarantee the dimensions of the clothes dryer are the same or a little smaller sized than that of the washing machine below. It’s generally advised that you pile appliances of the exact same brand together, as their piling kit will be suited to brand-specific dimensions.

Get a stacking set.

It’s important to check whether you need a details piling package, as many suppliers market these to suit their very own brand. See our area above ‘Can stacking packages be used with any type of machine?’ to learn more.

Pile your devices.

You’ll need at the very least two able-bodied people to raise the clothes dryer up and put it onto the stacking kit. Condenser dryers can evaluate upwards of 50kg (specifically heat-pump clothes dryers), so don’t try this alone.

Run a test cycle.

When everything is set up as well as repaired together. You ought to run a test cycle to make certain the system is steady.

Two vital things to remember when it concerns wall surface installing a clothes dryer:

  1. You can just wall install vented dryers, which blast out the wetness they get rid of from your garments in the kind of warm heavy steam. Condenser clothes dryers, which accumulate the moisture in a container of compressed water, are too hefty to wall-mount securely, though they can be stacked.
  2. Several vented dryer versions can in fact be wall-mounted upside-down, which has the advantage of maintaining their controls within easy reach without requiring a stepladder. Versions that can do this generally include a collection of sticker labels or decals that can help to re-label the controls so you don’t need to base on your head to recognize what you’re doing. To confirm if a clothes dryer can be wall-mounted upside down, contact the team at Equipments Online.

Additionally, remember that wall-mounting a clothes dryer does need a bit of operate in the washing. If you’re an occupant, your property and/or property owner might not authorize of you drilling holes for a wall-mounting brace without their approval.

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