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Why i love being single?


When it comes to your relationship status, it seems like it’s always a conundrum. If you’re single, people assume you’d rather not be. If you’re in a relationship, it seems to be the only thing people want to talk about. While finding someone you want to spend time with is wonderful, what’s so bizarre about the idea that someone would rather be single? Athens Escorts Babes gives us 10 reasons why they love being single!

1. You will be more focused.

Once you start to treasure your new-found freedom, you will realize that taking time for yourself will show you what is most important in your life. Enjoying your single time will make what you want clearer and reveal which areas of your life you should build upon. Additionally, studies show that experiencing something alone results in our brain forming a more clear and longer lasting memory.

2. You get to be selfish

Selfishness is often discouraged in our society. However, putting yourself first is a concept worth exploring when you are not operating within the confines of a relationship. Being selfish is a dirty word in our culture, but being single gives you the right to lavish yourself. No family in-laws, no guy/girl to pick up for, no guy/girl to care for and who might be expensive to upkeep. When you are single, you can think of No. 1 without excuse. That’s hard to admit, because selfishness is a terrible thing in our world.

Additionally, you can really and truly love someone else once you’ve learned to love yourself. That’s a lesson you pick up by being selfish.

3. There is less emotional pressure

This is more subtle and more psychological, but it’s still a powerful reason that singles like their status. There is some relief from gender roles when you’re single that is harder to break free from when dating, especially for women. Being coupled often means some commitment to emotional labour that may never be acknowledged, which is exhausting.


4.You will be more active.

Studies show that unmarried people are also more fit than their hitched counterparts. Let yourself welcome being single, and use this time to your benefit. You’ll be more confident and in control when you do meet someone special.

5. Have high goals and be more creative.

Being single means you can’t settle. In case someone who captures your heart comes along, you need to be at the top of your game. By embracing your time being single, you will be more able to pursue your goals and work towards a more complete, fulfilling future.

Spending time alone is also linked to an increase in creative thinking. Spending more time alone will force you to be a deeper thinker, and could lead you to solutions and projects you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.

6. You enjoy dating.

Being single doesn’t mean you don’t go on dates. In fact, single people go on lots of dates, which preserves the fun inherent in casual romance, especially if you are not looking for someone or something serious. One of the best perks of being single is that “it’s all courtship, all of the time. When you’re constantly dating casually, everyone always dresses and smells nice, kisses are hot, and there are no boring Friday nights sitting on a couch post-argument with your significant other. The art of courtship works to your benefit the most when you’re single, since the opposite sex is working harder to impress you and potentially earn another date.

7. You won’t need to compromise on entertainment.

Particularly if your significant other tends to have different tastes than you, being single can be a blessing. As soon as you can appreciate being single, you will realize how freeing it is to always watch exactly what you want. There is no longer any need to skimp on your favourite movies, plays, or TV shows that others don’t appreciate.

8. You have more time for your friends.

Once you start basking in your single glory, you will also find that you have more time for your friends. Not only will increased free time let you reconnect with friends you may have neglected while being half of a couple, studies also show that married people have much weaker social lives than those who are unmarried.

10. You will be more aware of what you want.

Ultimately, taking time to ourselves is an important ingredient in discovering what type of person is our ideal match, or what career we can happily commit to. By delighting in your uninhibited life, you are more able to experiment and thereby find out what works for you and what doesn’t. Don’t look at being single as a drawback, since learning more about yourself and finding out what makes you tick are crucial in forming balanced, healthy relationships in the future.

Life is what you make it, whether you are single or coupled up

Whether you are solo or deeply committed to another person, life is what you make it. It is perfectly acceptable to go through phases where you want to wear granny panties around the house, to not be accountable to another person who isn’t a relative or your boss, to come and go as you please, and to make the rules up as you go. You are also totally within your rights to decide that you want to settle down and share your life with someone else whenever the spirit moves you.

You can also achieve a fair compromise with your partner when you enter a relationship that still allows you to enjoy some of the benefits of single hood, such as indulging alone time. That’s basically how you know you are ready for a relationship, when you start thinking about how to share your life with someone and how to achieve compromise. But being single doesn’t mean you are lonely or can’t find a mate. Flying solo is a totally worthwhile and intentional lifestyle choice, too.

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Healthy Sex is The Most Important Thing in a Relationship!


In a healthy and balanced relationship, both partners have the ability to reveal their sensations and also regard each other’s boundaries concerning sex.

You should not need to have sex to maintain your relationship. You may feel comfortable kissing or holding hands yet not intend to go any kind of even more. That’s alright! A man can always visit Athens ladies and have fun for a while!

Choosing whether you wish to make love or when you ought to is a choice you should make when it really feels right for YOU. In a healthy relationship, your companion respects your decisions, even if they don’t like them.

If you are considering when to make love, keep in mind:

  • You need to really feel comfortable with your decision.
  • Talk with your partner concerning secure sex practices, like obtaining checked for STIs as well as considering birth control choices.
  • Be truthful with on your own and your partner. If you’re not all set, that’s all right and also your companion needs to value it.
  • If something frightens you or makes you really feel uneasy, you can say no at any moment.
  • You have the right to talk honestly as well as truthfully about your concerns, worries as well as sensations.
  • If your partner tries to endanger or push you right into having sex, that can be an indicator of a harmful connection. You are worthy of far better.
  • Despite how long you’ve been with somebody or how many times you’ve done something, you have the right to say no any time for any factor.
  • If somebody will not take no for a solution and also repetitively stress you verbally, mentally or literally, that can be an indication of abuse.
  • You have control over your very own body, and also no one else deserves to tell you what to do with it.

Why is It So Complicated?

Making love can raise the strength of emotions that individuals feel for each other– whether you’re in a severe or casual connection. At times, this elevation is an excellent as well as satisfying thing, yet occasionally it makes a tight spot worse. It’s vital that you feel all set as well as confident in your decisions concerning making love.

Even if you remain in a healthy and balanced relationship as well as wants to have sex with your partner, some beliefs or assumptions may make this choice more challenging. You as well as the people in your life might have different concepts about when or what type of sex is alright as well as what is not.

Here are a couple of methods this might occur:

  • Your parents do not allow you to date, let alone make love as well as there is a risk they would figure out.
  • In your culture or faith, it is expected that you wait until marriage. You might agree, disagree or be questioning this belief.
  • You feel that your good friends or peers will not agree with your choice as well as you respect their opinions.

You could feel like you’re picking between what you desire as well as what others want, yet you could additionally share a few of the very same ideas. Simply remember that you are capable of making your own choices as well as creating your own collection of values.

Learn to Communicate

Just you recognize what’s on your mind, so unless you express on your own, the various other person is only left thinking.

Communication is always crucial to a healthy partnership, and also the physical part of it is no different. It can be awkward being completely open when it pertains to discussing sex, even with a sweetheart or boyfriend.

Still, it is very important to press past that and also let them understand what you like, what you do not like or if you do not want to go any kind of even more. Encourage your partner to be open also due to the fact that it takes method and also perseverance.

Finding out to listen is similarly, as well as possibly even more, essential to solid communication. When you show the various other person that what they claim issues to you, they will certainly be more likely to trust you and also pay attention to you in return.

Sex as well as intimacy are highly affected by how both people really feel, so it actually repays to produce a favourable ambience.

Break Out of the Box

When people are not exactly sure how to act in a certain scenario or not sure what others will certainly assume is trendy, they often tend to attempt as well as be who they need to be and not that they actually are. A person might be led to believe that he needs to have sex with a lot of women as well as not obtain psychologically connected to them.

On the other hand, a woman could be converted that having sex with too many guys is “slutty,” and that ladies need to “play tough to get.” Stereotypes like these can make it harder for every person to be straightforward about what they really want and can also make them feel awkward.

A connection will be stronger and a lot more actual when both individuals can absolutely be themselves both inside and also beyond the room. When we examine these “regulations,” we respect our companion for that they are as opposed to that they “need to be.”

What is Sexual Abuse?

Sexual abuse is any kind of type of unwanted sex-related call. Forcing or pushing somebody to do something they don’t want or do not consent to is sexual abuse.

No person ought to ever make the most of you sexually when you are asleep, intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. This can be an extremely serious as well as unsafe kind of misuse. Discover more about sexual abuse and also what to do if you experience it.

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