Why is there an increase in burglaries in summer?

Why is there an increase in burglaries in summer?

Wondering why there is an increase in burglaries in summer? Burglars invade through doors – portes asfaleias -, windows and balcony doors and take advantage of your absence due to holidays, especially in July and August.

Knowing when most burglaries occur is an important information. The most common hours for burglaries are between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Instead of taking advantage of the night, most burglars opt for daytime burglary, targeting homes when they believe no one will be present and mostly homes that do not have security doors.

When do most burglaries occur? Everything you need to know

To help you on how to prevent a burglary, we spoke with a security door specialist from Alfinodoor.

Equipping people with the necessary knowledge on how to prevent burglary is an issue that should concern us all.

Prevention of burglary with security doors

Mr. Karasoulos informed us that many people choose to replace an old entrance with a security door in their house, usually after a burglary. If you really want to avoid such an unpleasant situation, you should take measures before the burglary occurs.

There are solutions… replacing the old lock with new security locks are one of the first steps in providing security in a house.

Educating yourself on common patterns, such as the most common burglary time, what burglars are looking for, why burglars may choose you, and how to determine if a burglar is monitoring your home can help you avoid an unpleasant situation.

Integrating burglary prevention methods can often be the key to avoid such a situation. Take a look at these frequently asked questions and learn more about the typical burglar and how you can best avoid them from breaking down your door and entering your house.

When do most burglaries occur when there are no security doors?

Understanding the behaviours, motivations, and patterns burglaries follow can help you understand how to prevent them. Let’s take a look at some patterns and home statistics:

1. Most burglaries in the house take place during the day

While darkness tends to cause disturbing emotions, most burglars actually prefer to penetrate during the day. Police tell us burglaries are more common during the day. Why? Most people go to work and children are usually absent at school.

2. House burglaries occur between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Most burglaries occur between 10 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon. However, a research report showed that some burglars preferred these hours from 12:30 to 2:30 p.m. because they would not be interrupted by someone coming home for lunch and the school would still be open.

3. More burglaries occur in the summer, especially in August

At what time do burglaries occur? A study completed by the Bureau of Statistical Justice showed a sharp increase in burglaries during the summer months in a 2010-2020 study.

The report states, “On average, household burglary rates were about 11% lower in winter, 9% lower in spring and about 6% lower in autumn than in summer.” Burglars are more likely to check the security of your house during the warmer months when most people are away from home for a swim, walk or on vacation.

Who is a typical home invader?

In addition to knowing when burglaries tend to occur, it is a good idea to know who a potential burglar may be.

1. Most intruders live within two kilometres of the victim

Burglars are often opportunistic. They are not geniuses, capable of mastering a clever plan. They just happen to be careful and in the right place at the right time. Intruders usually choose a home because they live close enough to observe the vulnerabilities and patterns of the occupants.

Often, intrusions into the home are the result of impulsive behaviour combined with ideal conditions, not a carefully thought-out plan.

2. Most burglars are men and under 35 years old

Most burglars are young men and sometimes women. They are usually looking for a quick and easy target. Often, intruders are in their late teens or addicted individuals.

How do you know if a burglar is monitoring your house?

Contrary to what you see in movies and on TV, most burglars are not obvious and do not appear in the darkness of the night. In contrast, many burglars move during the day and try to appear as much as possible. That’s why it’s important to be careful and know the people in your neighbourhood and the strangers you see.

  • If you see vehicles or people you do not recognize, appearing around the same area on a regular basis, you need to be vigilant.
  • Be especially careful if you see strangers taking pictures outside your house. It is a strange behaviour that may indicate that a burglar is surrounding it.
  • The “housing of a house” means that a burglar is taking measures of your home and evaluates how easy or difficult it is to break in if you do not have a security door. Taking into account your interpretations, movements and daily habits. It also includes trying to figure out if you have any valuable items that might be worth trying to steal from your house.
  • You also need to know people who may try to appear as salespeople (door to door) or claim to be from a utility company in order to gain access to your house. This is a common scam method and an easy way for a burglar to use the confidential nature of a homeowner to make a successful home invasion.

If you see any of these people that may fit this description, look out for them and notify neighbours or local authorities.

Installing a security door and alarm system on your home with surveillance cameras can also alert you to unwanted visitors to your property or neighbourhood – even when you are not at home to see what is happening.

What kind of objects do intruders usually target?

The average burglary at a house takes about eight to 10 minutes, with some lasting just 90 seconds. Burglars have the opportunity to seize only some of your valuable objects. They target items that are valuable, easy to transport and not easily located.

Where do burglaries usually take place?

Being creatures of opportunity, burglars often look for houses that are easy targets. You can prevent a burglary by installing security doors to prevent your home from appearing to be an easy target.

What makes a house an easy target?

Houses without security systems… Low visibility from the road is an ideal situation for an intruder. Tall grass or shrubs, hedges and trees provide cover for a potential burglar, making it easy for them to spot your patterns or hide until you leave.

  • When someone looks like they are at home, burglars often avoid trying to break in.
  • Good lighting is a deterrent to burglars.
  • Cameras and alarms keep intruders away and make a house a less desirable target.
  • Houses with old doors are more likely to be broken into than those with security doors.
  • Old or broken locks make a house look vulnerable.

Avoid burglaries in the summer, especially in August, by keeping your house well lit by installing security locks and Alfinodoor security doors.

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